GASPAR IV SILVER Ор болдог буйдан

Хэмжээ: 2550x890x1260 мм (WxHxD)

2,819,800 ₮ x = 2,819,800 ₮ Бараа дууссан

GASPAR IV MEGA LUX 3DL - a cozy sofa bed

GASPAR IV MEGA LUX 3DL is a modern sofa that has been created for people looking for functional solutions combined with a classic, elegant design.
Thanks to the large surface, this piece of furniture can provide both comfortable sleep and relaxation during the day. Mounting on metal clips, easily accessible container for bedding and automatic unfolding machine make the GASPAR IV MEGA LUX 3DL practical.
Comfortable use is provided by the corrugated springs placed in the seat, as well as back-filled back pocket cushions. They increase durability, provide adequate support and ergonomic fit to the body. The sofa bed has a very cozy character, which is emphasized by six decorative pillows and a quilted seat.

Weight: 116 kg

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