WOJCIK-Brolo TYP BROP01 Ханын тавиур

Хэмжээ: 1980 х 220 х 210 мм

  • Анхны үнэ119,900 ₮
  • Онлайн үнэ 116,300 ₮
  • Хямдрал3%
116,300 ₮ x = 116,300 ₮ САГСАНД ХИЙХ

Shelf: laminated particle board

Back wall: laminated particle board
Assembly: Furniture is delivered dismantled in packs for self-assembly. The product must be assembled as per the attached instruction manual.
Safety: This furniture must be firmly affixed to a wall to a wall to avoid any risks associated with furniture tipping or a hanging element falling. Different wall types require different wall mounting accessories. If you are not sure about the construction of the wall, consult a specialist regarding installation.
Terms of use: Furniture should be used for its intended purpose-indoors and protected from atmospheric conditions.  It is recommended that hot objects are not placed on the furniture. To clean the surface, use a slightly damp, soft cloth, and then wipe dry. For stronger dirt, you may use a mild detergent for cleaning furniture.

 Features and Benefits:

 Easy-to-install shelf that'll transform an empty space.                                                                         
 The ideal piece of furniture for displaying interesting decorations.
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