BRW NATALIA-LAW/120 Сэтгүүлийн ширээ

120 х 65 х 55 см

892,400 ₮ x = 892,400 ₮ Бараа дууссан

Natalia furniture BRV is a classic style that is thought out in detail in a modern interior. Available in colors: " Primavera cherry " and " Sibiu larch light ". The body is made of chipboard, facade - MDF. The set of modular furniture Natalia BRW is characterized by facades with decorative milling, patinated brass handles, rounded worktops, expressive cornices and oval-shaped massive legs. Several options for dressers, tables, display cases and cabinets allow you to create unique sets for the living room, office, dining room or bedroom.

Bench Natalia  

The modular system Natalia is a collection designed for lovers of classically decorated interiors.

Natalia Bench ideally suited as an element of the living room and office decoration. On the long top there will be space for cups and a vase with flowers.

- The worktop's top is covered with a material with increased resistance to scratches and mechanical damage, thanks to which you will enjoy its aesthetic appearance for a long time.

- Discover the advantages of coloring primavera cherry , which makes the interior acquire a warm climate.

Effective decorations on the legs ensure the original look of the furniture.

- The variety of sizes and functions of individual lumps from the Natalia collection makes it possible to also furnish the interior of the living room, dining room and bedroom.


Used materials:

Table top: MDF, laminate, 
Legs: beech wood, stain, varnish, 
stain edges, varnish .


Product use:

Clean the furniture with a slightly damp cloth or paper towel. The use of chemical preparations should be avoided, with the exception of those specially designed for the care of furniture.


The product is intended for self-assembly.


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