BELLIS 35 Ханын тавиур

180 х 28 х 23 см

327,300 ₮ x = 327,300 ₮ САГСАНД ХИЙХ

Style: Modern 
Material: Wood / Veneer 
Product condition: Self-assembly 
Weight: 23 kg


Bellis's long shelf is a proposition for book fans who have no place to expose their literature. Furniture does not occupy space, so you can afford an arrangement of several such solids. The manufacturer, or the company Szynaka Meble took care to make the shelf attract the attention of its simple but impressive appearance. Black inserts on the back of a copper oak panel make a great composing, giving a crisp, catchy finish. 

  • hanging shelf with decorative panel

  • laminated furniture board

  • elements of black lacobel glass


  • Copper oak / black



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