VELVET 35 Ханын тавиур

161 х 24 х 25 см

692,500 ₮ x = 692,500 ₮ САГСАНД ХИЙХ

Польшийн SZYNAKA брэндийн VELVET серийн тавилгыг санал болгож байна. 

Get the natural beauty of your interior! Velvet furniture is a project that captivates with the unmistakable design and use of the highest quality materials. Each piece of furniture inspires you to create unique arrangements that will make your home a positive energy source. Warm rustical oak coloring perfectly matches the individual design of your interior, and the illuminated insert of solid wood sprinkled between the front elements will create a blissful mood. Velvet furniture materializes everything in the furniture - top quality, original presentation and unrivaled style.


  • Collection: Velvet
  • Width: 161 cm
  • Height: 24 cm
  • Depth: 25 cm
  • Color of the sides: rustical oak
  • Front - material: Solid wood
  • Sides (material): Natural veneer
  • Standing / Hanging: Hanging
  • Wall Mounting: Yes
  • Glass elements: No.
  • Corner: No
  • Contains mirror: No
  • Illumination: As standard
  • Number of packages: 1
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 3 kg
  • Maximum shelf load: 3 kg
  • Solid wood: Yes

 Style: Modern 
Material: Wood / Veneer
Illumination Standard: Yes 
Product status: Independent mounting 
Type of shelf: Hanging racks


The wide hanging shelf of the Velevet series is a beautiful combination of intense decors rustical oak with minimalist style. It is a perfect complement to a room decorated with furniture from the same collection. 

  • universal wall shelf

  • perfect complement to the room set

  • lighting fixture installed in the shelf (lighting should be set up to illuminate the sprinkler)

  • External body: Furniture panel in natural oak veneer

  • internal body: furniture plate in wood-like rustical decoration


  • rustical oak

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