BRW-ORLAND-STO 4W Хоолны ширээ

Хэмжээ:1600-2600-3600х1100х780 мм

2,526,900 ₮ x = 2,526,900 ₮ Бараа дууссан

Польшийн BLACK RED WHITE брэндийн ORLAND серийн классик тавилгыг санал болгож байна.

Урт 160-360 см

Өргөн 110 

Өндөр 78 см


  • bleached oak
  • oak mock
  • 44 orland cherry


Layout: unfolded 
Style: Classic 
Length after decomposition: 360 cm
Shape of countertop: Rectangular 
Number of legs: 4 
Weight: 89 kg 
Product status: Self-assembly



  • folding table
  • 4 worktops
  • Inserts hidden inside the table
  • When decomposing each of the legs of the tabletop is divided into two narrower and slides along with the top




  Furniture ORLAND BRW - is a classic collection in Old Polish style. High quality of manufacturing, wooden facades in color "cherry orlando". Patinated brass handles SIRO, in some elements there is a bottom drawer. The body is made of chipboard with MDF plates. Glass top of the table is made of transparent glass Antisol. In the glass-fronted cabinets there are glass shelves 6 mm thick. Guides on the boxes of Quadro HETTICH. ORLAND furniture has a unique design, perfect for exquisite dining rooms and offices, you can also arrange a bedroom or living room.

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