150 х 57 х 196 см

1,429,700 ₮ x = 1,429,700 ₮ САГСАНД ХИЙХ

Польшийн BLACK RED WHITE брэндийн INDIANA серийн хүүхдийн өрөөний тавилгыг санал болгож байна. 

Хэмжээ: Өргөн 150 см, Гүн 57 см, Өндөр 196 см, Жин: 125 кг

Өнгө: pine canyon

What distinguishes this product?

- spacious three-door wardrobe

- 5 practical shelves

- a mirror inside of the front

- ornamental fittings

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 Indiana - Wild West in your home

Traveling, maps, packed suitcases and souvenirs from the carriages are close to you climate? Indiana's colonial style collection will impress you with its simplicity of form emphasized by its metal fittings and handles. Furniture is available in 2 fashionable color options: original sutter oak or Scandinavian white pine canyon. The advantage of the system is its optimal capacity, which will help you organize, segregate and maintain order among your personal belongings. In the Indiana collection you will find many solids of furniture of varied sizes and functions that you can freely assemble.


The 3-door Indiana cabinet is distinguished by its unique design, space and ergonomically designed interior.

- By opening the left and middle front of the furniture, at your fingertips you have a functional bar for hangers and shelves, a practical shelf that functions in the lower part of the cabinet.

- The functionality of the furniture additionally increases the mirror placed on the inside of the middle front.

- The right front of the furniture covers the space that is practically filled with five shelves . You can easily put on shirts, sweaters and pants.

- Lingerie, scarves or other small items of clothing are conveniently stored in two handy drawers .

Sliding guides allow for convenient, and most importantly safe use of drawers.

Original, aged hardware and interesting handles highlight the unique design of the furniture.

- The wardrobe is available in two fashionable color options to choose from. Original sutter oak or Scandinavian white pine canyon - decide which color is best for your home.

Simple assembly . By following the instructions, you can easily assemble the furniture yourself.

- Furniture from the Indiana collection can be assembled in a variety of compositions, depending on the size of the rooms, their functions and the needs of all household members.


Materials used:

Body: chipboard, finish foil

Fronts: particleboard, MDF, finish foil

Rear panel , drawer bottom: HDF board

Accessories: roller guides, Hettich hinges, Schwinn metal hardware, Siro metal handles


Product use:

Clean the surface of the furniture with a soft cloth. Avoid strong chemicals.

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