MARZENIE ALEX Ор болдог буйдан

Урт 241 см

2,043,900 ₮ x = 2,043,900 ₮ Бараа дууссан

Польшийн MEBLE MARZENIE брэндийн ор болдог буйданг санал болгож байна. Креслотой нь хослуулан авах боломжтой.

Sophisticated couch referring to English style, though not without modern accents. Classic shapes give this furniture dignity despite its relatively small size. It will be a great showcase in pastel colors in sophisticated salons and other representative rooms. The Lux system implemented in this model makes sleeping comfort comparable to that of a pocket mattress. The price of this model also includes two decorative pillows.

Fabric in the picture: Eren 05 / Eren 07, wood beech coloring

Category of fabrics: category A


Width: 90 cm

Length: 241 cm

Height: 100 cm

Sleeping surface: 140 x 190 cm

Хэрэглэгчдийн сэтгэгдэл

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