Wow 11 Зүүн тумбочка

Хэмжээ: 430x400x410 мм (WxHxD)

313,405 ₮ x = 313,405 ₮ САГСАНД ХИЙХ

 Польшийн SZYNAKA брэндийн WOW серийн хүүхдийн өрөөний тавилгыг санал болгож байна. 


  • Practical bedside table with one drawer and a distinctive beveled side to the left side.
  • It is mounted on the left side of the bed WOW 09 or WOW 010.
  • Original design.
  • Colour:
    Body: Graphite / Oak Nagano;
    Front: Graphite.
  • Material: Chipboard laminated.
  • Handle is made of plastic colored Iguana Green.
  • WOW 11 Left Bedside Table is perfect for the Kids Room.
  • Packed flat for home assembly.
  • User-friendly installation guide.
  • Download assembly instructions (1.37 MB)


Brand Szynaka
Style Modern
Height 40 cm
Width 43 cm
Depth 41 cm
Weight 11 kg
Assembly Required Yes
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