SEMI LINE 2.4 Гал тогооны тавилга

Хэмжээ: Дээд 240 см Доод 180 см

 **тавцангийн үнэ тусдаа

Дэлгэрэнгүй үзүүлэлт

1,643,940 ₮ x = 1,643,940 ₮ САГСАНД ХИЙХ

 180 Semi Line set

You create modern kitchen furniture with the Semi Line furniture line. You will find there individual blocks and ready sets.

- Do you have a small area but you dream of a functional kitchen? You can optically enlarge it with the Semi Line kitchen furniture set , which leaves room for the hood. A handy drawer is the perfect place for cutlery, and capacious cabinets for pots and dishes. Open cabinets are a place for spices, cups and cookbooks.

- The compact 180 cm wide set was created for small studio apartments.

- Buy a 60 and 120 cm table top (available as an option).

- The color combination of reveal oak bodies and white gloss fronts will brighten the interior, adding a bit of Scandinavian tone.

Integrated handle in color oak Arlington harmony with the body to form a coherent architecture. Smooth fronts convenient for opening will be appreciated by placing cabinets in the corner. The handle has gained popularity in the premium furniture line, which is why we now also offer them in the Semi Line collection.

Gas lifts provide easy and convenient access to the contents of the upper cabinets.  

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