SELENE 7 Ханын шүүгээ

100 х 119 х 40 см

939,900 ₮ x = 939,900 ₮ САГСАНД ХИЙХ

 Are you looking for functional furniture in the most fashionable form? Selene's chest of drawers from Szynaka Meble is a great example of how practical application goes hand in hand with modern design. The chest of drawers is equipped with 2 smaller drawers on the left side  and 2 pairs of doors. Thanks to such a construction, there will be room for both accessories and slightly larger items. The simple shape combined with white coloring introduces a pleasant lightness and freshness to the interior. Instead of brackets on the fronts, there are millings to facilitate the opening of doors and drawers.


  • bezuchwytowy system of opening - the role of handles full milling fronts

  • provides a lot of storage space
  • white, fashionable colors

  • minimalist design; simple, geometric form

  • behind the door on the left there is 1 shelf, in the right part there are 2 shelves 



  • white / white gloss

  • fronts: gloss,

    body: mat



  • front: MDF covered with membrane foil

  • body: laminated board

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