SELENE 14 Ажлын ширээ

120 х 67 х 76 см

699,900 ₮ x = 699,900 ₮ САГСАНД ХИЙХ

 Selene's desk from Szynaka Meble is a proposal for people who want to arrange the interior of the cabinet in a fashionable and unpretentious way. The minimalist shape of the furniture manifests itself in a simple construction and the replacement of traditional handles with original millings on the fronts. On the left side there is a practical drawer for accessories and drafting accessories, and under it a locker. The desk does not have a shelf for the keyboard, so you can push the chair deeper, providing you with more comfortable seating.


  • bezuchwytowy system of opening - the role of handles full milling fronts

  • minimalist design; simple, geometric form

  • desk without a shelf for the keyboard

  • one shelf inside
  • on the desk top from the rear edge (about 10cm.) there is an aluminum strip put in a tabletop, eg for a tablet, smartphone or power cable for a laptop



  • front: MDF covered with membrane foil

  • body: laminated board

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