IKAR 53 шургуулга

120*18*63 см

187,100 ₮ x = 187,100 ₮ САГСАНД ХИЙХ

Польшийн SZYNAKA брэндийн IKAR серийн хүүхдийн өрөөний тавилгыг санал болгож байна.

120 x 18 x 63
laminated chipboard
laminated chipboard


Furniture for teenagers and children that meets the latest trends and is a great option for parents who want to create the ideal conditions for the development of their children. Thanks to the wide range of handles’ colours, the furniture can be tailored to fit the individual child's temper. Thanks to their modularity and high mobility, the cabinets can be customized and arranged at will.

Хэрэглэгчдийн сэтгэгдэл

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