Holten REG1D Хувцасны шүүгээ

Хэмжээ: 690х2050х370 мм (WxHxD)

719,900 ₮ x = 719,900 ₮ САГСАНД ХИЙХ

 Holten wardrobe - space for outerwear and shoes

Create the perfect hallway design with the modern Holten collection.

The Holten tall wardrobe is best suited for a hall, where it creates a separate space for jackets and accessories. You have a bar for hangers, an upper shelf - ideal for caps and hats, and a lower shelf - for a suitcase or shoes.

- Smooth fronts in white mirror gloss harmonize with the warm coloring of the worktop in Wotan oak . The characteristic visible rings emphasize the style of the furniture.

- Pay attention to the bold sides that form the stylish frame of the cabinet

Push to open mechanism makes you gain easy access to content.

- Create a compact hall furniture using the functional Holten cabinet and other elements from the collection. It includes a practical shoe cabinet, hanger, mirror and a low bookcase.

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