SZYNAKA-KAMA 35 Ханын тавиур

144 х 33 х 33 см

  • Онлайн үнэ300,600 ₮
  • Хямдралтай үнэ 225,500 ₮
  • Хэмнэлт75,100 (25%)
225,500 ₮ x = 225,500 ₮ Бараа дууссан


  • Width: 144 cm
  • Height: 23 cm
  • Depth: 23 cm
  • Product Condition: Independent assembly
  • Material: Laminate / Foil
  • Shelf type: hanging racks
  • Style: Modern

 The Kama shelf from the Szynaka Meble brand's manufacturer is an element that will allow every decoration in your home to find its place. You can hang it both in the living room, dining room, office, as well as in other rooms perfectly complementing the entire arrangement of the room. Delicate and natural coloration of the camargue oak, with clearly defined grain, adds a whole array, while the subtle, grooved inset on the panel conquers the modern character of the element. You can use the Kama shelf in many ways. Using it for the presentation of photo frames, the room will gain a soul and family atmosphere. 


  • camargue oak / matt black


  • furniture board in a wood-like décor / finish foil



  • universal wall shelf

  • visible wood graining

  • visible rear wall with grooved structure

  • assembly of the shelf at any height

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