LITANI SMART -3S Jery 01 Сунадаг буйдан

Урт 243 см

2,490,900 ₮ x = 2,490,900 ₮ Бараа дууссан

Турк улсад үйлдвэрлэсэн LITANI брэндийн буйданг санал болгож байна. 

Ердийн үеийн хэмжээ: Урт 243 см, Өндөр 89 см, Гүн 93 см

Сунгасан үеийн хэмжээ: Өргөн: 110 см 

Өнгө: Цагаан шаргал (beige) color code: Jerry 01

Материал: Элгэн даавуун



It is specially designed for those who want to feel comfort in every area of ​​life, ease and functionality as an inseparable part of life, so Class can be both a bed and a crate, the unique comfort is engraved into aesthetic form with plain lines. this suitable seating group awaits you.


Sofa Dimensions: 240 cm width x 95 cm depth x 75 cm height measurements.

Berger Dimensions: 80 cm width x 90 cm depth x 85 cm height measurements.

Seat Kit Features: The skeleton of our sofa is made entirely of hornbeam wood. Imported fabrics are used in the top quality of our sofa sets and pillows. Fabrics are erasable and resistant to discoloration and abrasion. Our sofa set, sofas and sofa are made of 32 density sponges. The sole of our sofa is wooden and tall. The high legs provide great convenience to the users when cleaning. The legs of our sofa set will be sent to the demountable and can be easily assembled. Our chair is a product that will capture the liking of visitors with its extraordinary design.

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