CAPS-KUF-BLUE Тоглоомны хайрцаг

95 х 51 х 53 см

388,000 ₮ x = 388,000 ₮ Бараа дууссан

 Польшийн BLACK RED WHITE брэндийн хүүхдийн өрөөний тавилгыг санал болгож байна. 

Хэмжээ: Урт 95 см, 50,5 см, Гүн 52,5 см

Өнгө: light oak belluno/blue

 The Caps Collection is a combination of modern style, natural coloring with original accessories. The decorative and practical element is a ribbed strip, which serves as a handle. The collection of bright oak belluno is decorated with elements in gray, pink and blue. Choose from a variety of Caps and create a fun learning space for children and teenagers.


- The Caps Collection is a combination of natural coloring with original accessories that will appeal to both kids and teens.

roomy trunk from the collection of the Caps can accommodate all your child's toys or bedding dedicated to him.

- The bright oak belluno is an ideal base for interior decoration.

- The riveted handle bars are available in gray, pink and  blue . The wide range of colors and functionality of the handles will help you create an original playroom and learning room for your child.

Simple assembly. Understandably, you will assemble the furniture yourself.

- Caps collection elements can be freely compiled to create a fully functional interior.

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